TRA-SD is happy to help new fliers obtain high-power certifications.  
The two national organizations, NAR and TRA, have slightly different 
procedures: NAR's are described at 
http://www.nar.org/high-power-rocketry-info/ and TRA's at 

If you are planning to Certify, please send an EMAIL
to the Mailing List to make sure somebody will be there who can certify you.

A NAR certification may be a little easier to arrange because they can be 
witnessed by NAR members with appropriate certification levels, whereas 
for TRA only the club prefect or a Technical Advisor Panel (TAP) member 
can certify a new flier.  But both should be possible with some 
coordination at any monthly launch.

If you're interested in doing a Level 1 or Level 2 certification flight 
and/or taking the Level 2 written test at a TRA-SD launch,
or just need some advice about how to proceed,
please contact the president or send your inquiry to the mailing list.