March 1-3, Tripoli San Diego will be hosting the third annual Holtville Havoc at the TRASD launch site located at the closed Holtville Airport. This will be the Holtville version of the old Plaster Blaster launch. 


18,000 foot waiver.

Motors up to M impulse.

AMW-PROX will be onsite.  http://amwprox.com/

Launch fees for Tripoli San Diego members will be $10 per day or $20 for the entire launch.

Launch fees for non-members will be $15 per day or $30 for the entire launch.

Onsite camping is free. 

Spectating is free

T-shirts will be available for purchase. (see below to pre-order your shirt)

Raffle prizes

Class 1 night launch Saturday (LPR and MPR only)

Insurance required to launch.  Membership in NAR, Tripoli, or attending with a scout group satisfies this requirement.


Holtville airport is about 2 hours east of San Diego down I-8.  It can be found by searching Google Maps for “TRASD launch site”.  The small town of Holtville is nearby, with gas stations, small markets and restaurants.  Nearest hotels are in El Centro, along with grocery stores and a Home Depot. 

Click HERE for a printable Holtville Havoc flyer

Launch Dates and Times

Day and Date Launch Start Time Launch End Time
Friday, March 1, 2019 1:30PM (1330) 5:45pm (1745)
Saturday, March 2, 2019 9:00AM (0900) 5:45PM (1745) / Night Launch
Sunday March 3, 2019 9:00AM (0900) 1:00PM (1300)