Launch Reports

April 2018
Holtville Havoc


Hi All,

Despite a forbidding weather forecast, 16 hearty rocketeers and their craft showed up for the April launch. In a replay of last month's Holtville Havoc launch, high winds forecast to begin in the morning Saturday did not show up until 2 pm or so (it was also HOT, so I departed at 12:30 for my El Centro refuge in the Best Western). A scout troop showed up just for the day Saturday, electing not to camp out in the wind and heat, and had a great time. Sunday was a bit better (winds at least dying rather than building), but only a few managed launches before range takedown.

A total of 28 rockets were launched both days, for an average of 1.75 launched per person, a bit low considering our usual average 0f 2.5-3. We had 3 "M" launches, an L, 2 "K" launches, 6 "J"s, 8 "I", 4 "H"s, 6 "G"s and 4 of D-E-F. Included were 2 L3 flights and 2 L1 flights. With 9 J-K-L flights and 12 H-I flights, we had the best turnout of L2 motors (relatively) in recent memory - mostly because of the very small number of H launches. Probably a one-time thing.

The details:

Jason Roland          Little John    J357
                             Skreech       I303
                             Nike Smoke  H143

Mike Veno              Formula 54    G79
                            IROC 38         I285

Dave Nord              Black Brant    K675 skid
                             Squat            I150
                             Squat Heavy  J210

Lawrence Siefert      Super DX3     J335

Steve Skinner          Bullpup          H565
                              FRED             G40
                              Discovery       G40

James Kinnery         Phoenix          I140
                             Nike Ajax        3xD12

Chris Lowrick           LOC IRIS        H120    L1 cert -- Good

Jim Deveau           4" scratch          L693
                          5.5" 6-fin scratch  I200
Shaun Dunbar     scratch "Mr. Dyer"  I285

Mike Caplinger       Journeyman        E20
                            X51 (scratch)      J460 --> I242 (2-stager)
                            Talon 2              I200

Paul Snow        Giant Comanche x 3  J800 --> J335 (2-stager) 

William David Southcombe   LOC IV   H128

Darrel Kelley        Purple Dragon       K675

Cris Erving           Drago 4XL            M1675   Sunday L3 attempt (was it recovered OK?)

                  Bruce Dale Wildman Darkstar M1230IM Saturday L3 Attempt - failed

Larry Brand      Straight-wing Phoenix rocket glider    G33    wing failed, crashed, pilot error
                             TARCtube                                 G74    after five (5) failed ignitors!!!! A record?

Some of you may notice that the motor launch statistics and the "launch details" do not exactly add up. The reason for this is that a couple of members suggested to me that there are fliers who would prefer not to be listed in the launch report after failed flights. I tried to accommodate this. Open to suggestions.

Although I missed the potluck, I was assured by Dave N. that the 7 who attended enjoyed tri-tip, BBQ chicken breast, potato salad, cole slaw, Bowmans blueberry crisp and plenty of appetizers to start off. Indoors, from the protection of a comfortable RV, sheltered from the wind.

Next months launch is still too far off to sensibly speculate about weather, but the Accuweather forecast predicts highs of 91 on Saturday with 4 mph wind. Lets hope it sticks.

All for now,

Larry B.