Launch Reports

March 2019
Holtville Havoc

March (Holtville Havoc 3) 2019 - Flight Report.

There were 56 fliers that flew 128 rockets (The night flights on Friday did not have cards). Friday was good all day from when the range open in the AM till it closed. Saturday was good till about 1:30, then wind really started to really blow, sand at face level, and moving the porta poties across the road. Sunday AM was okay.

The AZ folks launched a lot of large motors, 3 M’s, 6 L’s, 6 K’s and 3 J’s. All total, there were 5 M’s,(Miles Anderson (AZ), Bruce Dale ,Russ Sands, Randy Shanyfelt (AZ),Sharon Hodges (AZ)), 9 L’s, 9 K’s, 15 J’s, 30 I’s (2 air start in combination with a J by Jim Deveau), 31 H’s, 16 G’s, 5 F’s  and 8 E’s & D’s.

The most launches was Val Dekhach with 7, Dan Pape of AZ with 6, Todd Mullin with 6, Miles Anderson of AZ, Robert Morgan, Heather Parker and Mark Tresder all  with 5, Michael Veno with 4, and the rest 3,2, or 1.

We had 18 certification flights for level 1 and 2, with only 4 failures. Sidney Baker, Kristopher Brown, Shawn Cummings, Ernest Garrison, Tyler Johnson, Mark Nara, Tom Player, and Jesus Robledo all passed level 1 NAR.  Mike Deveau passed level 1 Tripoil. John Little of Bozeman, MT passed both level 1 and 2 Tripoli using a PML Phobos for both (the same rocket I used for my level 1 and 2 ). Ahrens Walter Castro passed level 2 Tripoli.

John Little wasn’t the most distance from Holtville, Desmond and Sully Shanyfelt were from Jacksonville, Fl (but Randy Shanyfelt was from Phoenix)