Member Use of Club Equipment


Club equipment available for use by members is on an honor system.  There is a signout sheet to fill in when you check out the equipment for use, and to sign it back in when you return the equipment.  This is how we know who and when equipment is signed out, and how much it is used.  It is how other club members track who is using a piece of equipment that they may want to borrow.  Ask if you need help.


When you use club equipment you do so at your own risk.  What this means is that if the equipment is lost or damaged during your use, you are expected to replace the damaged equipment.


Motor Hardware

The club has accumulated a significant amount of 75 and 98 mm motor hardware over a decade that is available for members to checkout and use.  The intent is to make it economically easier for members to certify Level 3.  Some of the smaller hardware could be used for certifying Level 2 if the rocket has the right size motor tube, meaning 75 or 98 mm.


Club members are expected to clean the motor hardware immediately after use and return it clean.  Remove all grease, propellant residue, and dirt from the threads, closures, and cases.  There are plungers available to make cleanup easier.  Wooden or bamboo skewers work well to clean out threads.  Diaper wipes or Scrubs work well for cleanup.  Ask if you need help.


There are two 98mm cases that can accept only N motors.  N motors cannot be used at Holtville under current California law and with the facilities we have at Holtville.  These cases are not stored with the other motor hardware.  However, these cases are available for member use at FAR, BALLS, and other potential events.  Contact the Prefect or Treasurer to use these cases.


Tracking Receivers

The club owns two Communication Specialists, Inc. (CSI) tracking receivers.  These receivers incorporate a directional antenna.  Together they are good at finding a rocket that has a CSI transmitter attached.  The club does not provide the transmitters.  Members must buy their own transmitters to fly with their rockets.  Transmitters are $50 to $75.  The receivers are $250 to $350.


The receivers use a 9V battery and have switch to test battery power.  The club does not stock 9V batteries.  If you borrow a CSI receiver and the battery is low, you will have to replace the battery for effective use.


There is a method to using the receiver in finding your rocket.  Ask for help if you have not used this before.


Motor Casings


Click here for a complete list of the equipment in PDF