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216.362M M
216.737M M
219.034DART Club
219.035M W
219.375B M
219.394P S
219.685B C
219.875M W
219.915P S
219.994C B
222.150L G
222.210L G
222.210R S
222.230W R
222.470G S
222.690G S
222.070B L
222.810G S
222.350P S
222.390K O
222.410M S
222.430J C and A C
222.450P S
222.490M C
222.530M K
222.550B D
222.610W R
222.650 L H
222.770 SP
222.710H S
222.750C B
222.890M V
222.990D K
223.090J M
223.130M C
223.170V T
223.230K H
223.270M W
223.310C L
223.330V D
223.370B C
223.470J D
223.550J D
224.010D N
224.030D N
224.090J M
224.270M W
225.120P S
433.825D D
433.920L G
433.925D D
434.550B L
434.775M C
435.450S C
442.775M C
443.500G S