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219.034DART Club
219.035Mike Worthen
219.375Bob Mosley
219.394Paul Snow
219.685Bill Crabb
219.875Mike Worthen
219.915Paul Snow
219.994Craig Bosworth
222.150Larry Greenan
222.210Larry Greenan
222.210Russ Sands
222.230Warner Recabaren
222.269Greg Smith
222.281Greg Smith
222.350Paul Snow
222.390Kristine Olmstead
222.410Mike Stoop
222.430Joe Conway and Allen Coleman
222.450Paul Snow
222.490Mark Clausen
222.530Michael Klett
222.550Bruce Dale
222.610Warner Recabaren
222.650Larry Hermanson
222.710Howard Smart
222.750Chris Browning
222.890Michael Veno
222.990Darrel Kelley
223.090Jim McKinley
223.130Mike Caplinger
223.170Vance Taylor
223.230Kenneth Harkema
223.270Mike Worthen
223.310Clarence Legg
223.330Val Derkach
223.370Bill Crabb
223.470Jim Deveau
223.550Jim Deveau
224.010Dave Nord
224.030Dave Nord
224.090Jim McKinley
224.270Mike Worthen
433.825Daris Drake
433.920Larry Greenan
433.925Daris Drake
434.775Mark Clauson
435.450Steve Caras
442.775Mark Clauson
443.500Greg Smith