Tripoli San Diego welcomes Scouts and other groups to our monthly launches at the Holtville Airport in Holtville, California. Groups must make arrangements with the Low Power Coordinator prior to attending. Please send your inquiry to the Low Power Coordinator

Cost is $10 per scout per day which includes the use of our club owned launch gear. Scouts launch their own rockets on what we call the low power pad. Low power pads are located far away enough from the high-power pads that launches won't interfere with each other.

If adults launch either low power or if they are certified to fly high power and launch with the club, the cost is $10 per day. Cash or Check made out to Tripoli Rocketry Association of San Diego. We do not take credit or debit.

"Per our lease with Imperial County, all vehicle drivers are required to fill out a Waiver / Release of Liability which will be submitted to Imperial County. Please see the IC Waiver page for details.

We do not have a vendor so scouts must bring their own rockets and motors. Discount Rocketry in Vista is a good local source for supplies or of course AMAZON.

Flight hour are generally from 9AM to dark on Saturday and 8AM – 10 AM on Sunday.

We require that all scouts and leaders attend a club provided safety briefing prior to flying. Safety subjects include rocket handling, accessing the high power range, checking for aircraft, maintaining safe distances, etc.

Tripoli San Diego provides a Porta Potty onsite. There are no other accommodations. It is pack it in pack it out. Fires are permitted, however we request that they be completely extinguished and cleaned up prior to departure. The club uses a portable fire pit for safety.

The small town of Holtville is nearby with gas stations, small markets and restaurants. The cities of El Centro and Imperial with Hotels, Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Home Depot, Costco, etc., are approximately 20 miles from the launch site.

Please refer to the Launch Site tab for directions.

We do not provide insurance for scouts. The old tour system used by BSA is no longer being used, so the troop will need to research this. Normally the only thing that might happen is a rocket hitting a car, however you never know. There are no forms or anything else to fill out.

There are weekends when we cancel the launch due to weather. We don’t fly in the heat, rain or if high winds are forecast. We make a call a couple days before the launch.

Please send you inquiry for the Low Power Coordinator to our Low Power Coordinator